5 websites to catch up with marketing trends

Many of you may check foreign websites to get information on marketing, technology and so on.
I make a habit for checking international websites for catching up with marketing trends and improving my English as well.
In this article, I would like to introduce you some interesting and useful websites.


1)The Drum



The Drum is a news website about marketing and creatives.

Americas, Euro, and Asia-Pasific websites are available and you can change news area from the top of the website. I recomend you to see differences of each area’s news.

They also post video articles which must be helpful to improve your listening skills.


2)Social Media Today



Social Media Today  provides their own insights and analysis on marketing trends.

Their articles are divided into 5 categories; Social Media Updates, Trending, Social Marketing, Digital Strategies, and Content Marketing.

You can also download webinar and industry research reports from Library.





AdAge informs you not only about marketing but also news on ads and creatives such as TV commercials and PR videos.

I recommend you to check their video articles named Creativity Top 5, which introduce companies’ PR videos and their interesting activities.

Creativity Top 5 is posted irregularly, so please check it any times you want.

Those videos are about 2 or 3 minutes to play and have summary of the content.


4)Marketing Land



You can find a bunch of marketing news, and column articles by experts on various fields.

Marketing Land has more than 10 article categories, such as SEO, Mobile, Analytics etc, so you can search articles from very specific categories.

Short article is about a couple of paragraphs and long one is about 10 paragraphs.





My Modern Met is a website abut art and culture.

The atmosphere of the website is so artistic and even thumbnails of articles may bring you creativity.

They also post articles about Japanese tradition, art, events and viral posts.

You may found different points of view about Japanese trends.


Checking foreign websites is necessary for you to catch up international trends, since more and more Japanese companies are now adapting foreign ideas such as Design Thinking and MarTech.

Global websites also give you further understanding about those new ideas or trends, and let you ready to accept them.

I hope those 5 websites will help you to catch up marketing trends from overseas.