Intex Osaka:exhibition halls in Japan

I will post a series of articles introducing Japanese exhibition halls, and this is the first one: Intex Osaka.
I went to Osaka this January as my first business trip for supporting our customer participated in the exhibition hold at Intex Osaka.
Compared with the other exhibition venues such as Tokyo Big Sight and Makuhari Messe, the structure of the hall and atmosphere of Intex Osaka are so unique. This article will give you information about access and facilities.
I would be so glad if this article could be helpful to you.

The Location of Intex Osaka

Intex Osaka from West Gate



Intex Osaka is located in Suminoe, Osaka city where is a port area.

Because of its location, sea wind makes the venue so cold.

In order to keep from getting cold,  having some hand-warmers or wearing many clothes are recommended.


Intex Osaka

1-5-102, Nanko-Kita, Suminoe-ku, Osaka, 559-0034





<From central city of Osaka to the nearest station>

The nearest station of IO is Nakafuto station(中ふ頭駅).


From Shin-Osaka station to Nakafuto station(for those who use Shinkansen)

It takes about 40 minutes, and need to change trains 2 times.
You can take the same route from Umeda Station.


From Itami Airport to Nakafuto stationfor those who take airplane

About 1 hour and need to change train 4 times.

By train, it takes about 40minutes or 1 hour from central part of Osaka to Intex Osaka.


<From the nearest station to Intex Osaka>


It takes about 5 minutes by foot from Nakafuto station to Intex Osaka.
The road to the venue is not complicated and you can find some signs showing the location of INTEX.

Nakafuto sta. will be so crowded after the event closed.

It is recommended to use Cosmo Square station instead of Nakafuto because of the crowdedness and it is about 10 minutes by foot fom the venue to Cosmo Square station.



Atmosphere of Intex Osaka

Unlike Tokyo Big Sight where all facilities are inside of the building, at Intex Osaka, aisle and lobby are outside.

So, you need to go out from hall if you want to use other halls or shops.


Through the West Gate, you’ll find the square called Intex Praza.


From left, Hall No.5, No.4 and No.3 


The entrance to the Hall No.6 is between the Hall No.4 and No.3.

You can use the roofed route along the hall on rainy days.



<Yamato Service Counter>

Next to the Information Center at the West Gate, there is the Service Counter of Yamato transport.

Delivery slips are available there.


<Restaurants and shops>

3 restaurants at the West Gate, and 9 shops near some halls are located at INTEX.

Those shops also provide chairs and tables as dining area.


In addition to restaurants and shops, INTEX also has convenient store, New Yamazaki Daily Store offering ATM service.



Restaurant at the West Gate.


Shop located on the next to the hall entrance.



Intex Osaka has a unique structure compared with other exhibition venues in capital area of east Japan.

Because of its unique structure keeping some facilities outside the building and the cold season, people tend to stay the same hall and I could hardly sense the activeness of the exhibition from the outside of the building.


The number of visitors to INTEX could be very affected by weather or season.

From 2019, Mikeneco expanded the service area including not only East Japan but also West Japan.

We expect this big change would create many chances to meet more clients in Japan.

I am going to post about other venues in regional cities, so please check out mikeneco articles!